Can Children Go Rafting with Us?

Planning a family holiday is a project that closely resembles the crisis management when forecasting natural disasters. We know it is coming and we know it will be bumpy. But, one can only watch helplessly and hope for the best.

The situation is even more stressful when it comes to summer vacation. The planning of these goes along with the twilight period at the end of the school year. Highly overburdened mothers secretly wish they could escape. Somewhere not even Google Earth can find them. Alone.

So, when this family decides to go on vacation anyway the wish list starts to grow. Years of experiences in high-level diplomacy are needed to coordinate these desires so they do not lead to an incident. And after hard negotiations we finally have it – the destination.

Next are logistics issues. The hotel will be chosen by mom. Other family members don’t care where they sleep and what they eat anyway. They might as well survive on ice-cream and pizza for the next two weeks.

But what about the fun?

The eternal problem of entertaining activities is usually the fact that the youngest members of the family are too young. When the youngest finally makes it to the magical age, the older kids revolt that “this is soooo not cool”, and that they’re not going. “Coz that’s for babies”

Yes, it’s time for mom to take another anti-stress pill. In the meantime dad pretends that his brain center for hearing is temporarily unavailable.

We’ve got you covered!

Well … if Bovec won on your list of top holiday destinations and you are proud parents of the future saviors of our civilization, we deeply recommend you read on. Let us save you at least some vacation drama.

At our sports agency the children of all shapes and ages are very welcome. Below this text you can see how old they should be to participate in particular activity. Even if they don’t swim well, do not worry. As long as they like water and feel comfortable about it everything should be ok. We have children’s life vests and other equipment. Besides, all our guides are licensed rescuers.


  • RAFTING – 6 years
  • CANYONING SUŠEC – 9 years
  • CANOEING – 10 years
  • ZIPLINE – 9 years
  • CAVING – 12 years



So book your family rafting / canyoning / kayaking / canoeing / zipline / cavingpanoramic flight vacation with us and then sit down and relax in your armchair.



and have amazing vacation
with your family
this summer
without any fuss

What if my child is too young for all the activities?

If your child is under 6 years, we can organize a babysitter. At the time when you’re on the river, your offspring will be safe in the hands of experienced babysitter. Just please let us know at least 3 days before to organize it.

I’m staying with my child. Is there anything to do around there?

Yes. Behind our sports center there’s a big fenced garden with pavilion to provide enough shadow in the warm summer months. In July and August we set up the kids pool and your little one might be happy to play in while we make you a cup of coffee. Otherwise, there’s a childrens playground just 5 minutes walk from us.

What if my teenager doesn’t want to join us?

Perhaps your child is old enough, but is experiencing an identity crisis and a priori does not participate in anything that smells of parents. At this point you have two options.

  1. Tell him that he will get tons of awesome photos and videos to post on Instagram or whatever his favourite platform is. Photos and videos are included in the price, so his social media passion will not cost you any extra € / $ / ฿ / £ / ¥ / ₣ / ₽.
  2. Just leave him at our sports center. For such cases, the entire neighborhood is covered by free WiFi. That should keep him occupied for the few hours you spend on the Soča river.

Can my underage children go on sports activities without us?

Underage children should be accompanied by an adult. However, for children older that 15 years you can sign an agreement (at our office before the trip).

What else can we do in Bovec with our children?

Check out our e-book of all the interesting places to see in the Soča Valley with children. I’m sure you’ll find something for you and your family.

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