Can Children Go Rafting with Us?

  • Is my child old enough to join us on a rafting tour?
  • Is rafting too rough for my child?
  • Will my child have to paddle?
  • What if my child doesn’t know how to swim?
  • Will all our family be in the same raft?

Planning a family holiday is a project that closely resembles the crisis management when forecasting natural disasters. We know it is coming and we know it will be bumpy. But, one can only watch helplessly and hope for the best.

The top priority of picking up a perfect destination is a majestic ice-cream shop. They should have at least 500 different flavours and at least 500 different toppings. Mums and dads of course hope there are at least 500 different amusement activities to do nearby. Our sweetheart needs to burn all that sugar by the sunset and sleep like an angel all night.

screaming baby on the beach

So, when this family of ours decides about the destination, the wish list starts to grow. Years of experiences in high-level diplomacy are needed to coordinate these desires, so they do not lead to an incident. And after hard negotiations we finally have it – the wish list of what to see and what to do.

Is my child old enough?

When planning your summer break in Bovec, you should add rafting on the Soča river to your wish list. But, the eternal problem of outdoor sports activities is usually the fact that the youngest members of the family are too young.

So to save you some drama, here’s a list of activities with the minimum ages.


  • RAFTING – 6 years
  • PRIVATE RAFTING – 6 years
  • CANYONING SUŠEC – 9 years
  • KAYAK COURSE – 10 years
  • CANOEING – 10 years
  • ZIPLINE – 9 years



Is rafting too rough for my child?

No. In July and August the water level of the Soča river is not very high. And when the water level is lower the river gets slower. You will still experience the rapids and you will still need to paddle, but it’s not really crazy. In short – exciting, but not insane. The same goes for all the other activities.

Besides, in the summer the temperatures here in the Alps are more human friendly. The river is still cold (to be honest it’s always cold) but the air is nice and hot so it keeps you warm during the tour.

The water level is usually the highest in May and then again in October, so these might not be the best months to plan your family vacation in Bovec. Also the air is still quite chilly and therefore not the best option for the warm-weathered people.

However, in case your household consists of winter fans and the all-time-favourite movie of your offspring is Frozen – welcome aboard!
It might be smart if you bring long sleeve synthetic shirt (rash guard vest) to wear under the neoprene just in case.

Will my child have to paddle?

Well, the answer to this questions depends entirely on however your guide decides. He’s responsible for your safety on the river, so it’s his call.

Most of the time children are given paddle and they are expected to support their parents on this mission. At least on the first part of the Soča river, where the current is more calm.

On the second part of the tour the rapids are stronger and so the guides often take the paddles from kids. The main reason is dental hazard. We want to make sure kids don’t accidentally hit their front teeth with paddle. That way your junior get’s an experience of winning the rapids, but still keeps his Hollywood smile.

little girl sitting in raft with her family

What if my child doesn’t know how to swim?

If your child doesn’t swim well, don’t worry. Everything should be OK, as long as they like water and feel comfortable about it.

If your child doesn’t swim at all, please let us know in the office when we do the check in. You will be asked if your child is afraid of the water. If your answer is no, they can join us. We have children’s life vests and other equipment. Besides, all our guides are licensed rescuers.

Even though swimming skills will not be the reason your child can’t join the tour, certain medical conditions might be problematic. For safety reasons we can’t take on the Soča river children with

  • physical disabilities
  • mental disabilities
  • blind children

Will all our family be in the same raft?

Yes, of course. We never split the families as long as you are less than 8 person. But, if your family is bigger that 8 person you will be in 2 different boats. You will be on the same tour – on the Soča river at the same time – just in 2 different rafts.

Why only 8 person in one raft? Well, you see, rafts are registered just like cars and vans. And maximum number of people allowed on a boat is 8 + the guide.

Rafting is perfect outdoor activity for all family. The Soča river is not too demanding and you will be in safe hands of our well trained guides. So, book your family rafting tour with us and use the “Special requests and notes” section of the booking form in case you still have some questions or concerns. We’ll be happy to answer.

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