Can Children Go Rafting with Us?

  • Is my child old enough to join us on a rafting tour?
  • Is rafting exciting enough for my teenager?
  • Can my underage children go on sports activities without me?
  • Can you organize a babysitter, if my child is not old enough?

Planning a family holiday is a project that closely resembles the crisis management when forecasting natural disasters. We know it is coming and we know it will be bumpy. But, one can only watch helplessly and hope for the best.

The situation is even more stressful when it comes to summer vacation. The planning of these goes along with the twilight period at the end of the school year. Highly overburdened mothers secretly wish they could escape. Somewhere not even Google Earth can find them. Alone.

screaming baby on the beach

So, when this family decides to go on vacation anyway the wish list starts to grow. Years of experiences in high-level diplomacy are needed to coordinate these desires so they do not lead to an incident. And after hard negotiations we finally have it – the destination.

Next are logistics issues. The hotel will be chosen by mom. Other family members don’t care where they sleep and what they eat anyway. They might as well survive on ice-cream and pizza for the next two weeks.

Is my child old enough?

The eternal problem of entertaining activities is usually the fact that the youngest members of the family are too young.

So to save you some drama, here’s a list of activities with the minimum ages. Even if they don’t swim well, don’t worry. As long as they like water and feel comfortable about it everything should be ok. We have children’s life vests and other equipment. Besides, all our guides are licensed rescuers.


  • RAFTING – 6 years
  • PRIVATE RAFTING – 6 years
  • CANYONING SUŠEC – 9 years
  • KAYAK COURSE – 10 years
  • CANOEING – 10 years
  • ZIPLINE – 9 years



Is rafting exciting enough for my teenager?

When the youngest family member finally makes it to the magical age, the older kid revolts that “this is soooo not cool”, and that he’s not going. “Coz that’s for babies”

Yes, it’s time for mom to take another anti-stress pill. In the meantime dad can pretend that his brain center for hearing is temporarily unavailable.


Perhaps your child is old enough, but experiencing an identity crisis and a priori does not participate in anything that smells of parents. For such cases, try one of these scenarios.

  1. Do it for your Dad. We never told you, but when your daddy was a kid he wanted to run away with the circus. And now he’s stuck with his boring job, dreaming about crazy adventures. This will be the most crazy thing he’s done in years.
  2. Do it for your Instagram. You will get a lot of photo and video stuff to share some ql posts on your whatever-favourite-social-media profile. Imagine the boring posts of your friends who are on vacations with their non-ql parents. LOL
  3. Just leave him at our office. The entire neighborhood of our sports center is covered by wireless internet access. No extra charge. That should keep him bussy for the next 3 hours.

Can my underage children go on sports activities alone?

On the other hand, maybe your teenager wants to join us for rafting and canyoning and is really looking forward to it. But you’re not so sure yourself.

Underage children should be accompanied by an adult. However, for children older that 15 years you can sign an agreement (at our office before the trip). But please contact us by email before you come.

Can you organize a babysitter?

Well, if your youngest is to small for all the activities things get more complicated. One of you might have to stay with him.

But there’s a really nice babysitter working for us. Let us know how old is your child and we will check with Manja if she can come.

So book your family rafting / canyoning / kayaking / canoeing vacation with us and then sit down and relax in your armchair.

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