What to Bring on Canyoning Trip?

Vacations are the best time of the year. You finally get those precious days full of joy and excitement. Time to relax, sleep too much and eat too much.

But you need a quest. Every great traveler has a quest, right?
Marco Polo had chinese silk
Neil Armstrong had Moon
Charles Darwin had evolution
Buddha had enlightenment
Frodo had a ring
You have canyoning
There you go – you have a quest. It’s gonna add purpose to your life for the next few days and forever shine of your Facebook wall of achievements.

Before you lock the door of your home to travel the great unknown, let’s check if you put everything you need for canyoning in your suitcase. If your suitcase is the size of a small European country (something smaller than Slovenia, like Monaco perhaps), you probably did.
Fear not, brave traveler, canyoning isn’t something you should focus on while packing.

Here we prepared

Bring with you

Wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in. For canyoning we will give you neoprene suit. Your clothes will stay in our van during your tour to make sure they stay dry. The same goes for your shoes.

There are just 5 things you need to bring with you if you booked canyoning.

  • swimsuit/bikini

Make sure they are tight enough to wear them under neoprene suit. Apart from that you may pick whatever model or colour.

  • towel

You need a towel because you will be completely wet after your canyoning expedition.

  • extra underwear

Bring an extra pair of underwear or swimsuits. The ones you will wear under the neoprene will be wet. You don’t want to wear dry clothes on top of wet swimsuits, right? Besides, our drivers get p****d if they find wet seats in their vans 🙂

  • water

There’s something no one’s gonna tell you about canyoning. To enter the canyon you have to walk uphill for about 45 minutes. Most of the path goes thru forest and it’s not too steep. But, it still gets hot so you need some water with you. 1 liter per person is enough just make sure the bottle is plastic and not glass. When your bottle is empty just give it to the guide and he will put it in his bag.

  • ponytail elastics for long hair

If your hair is long enough to tight them to a ponytail, do it. Strands of disobedient hair can be awful if you’re hanging down the rope.

Just put all those things in a bag. You will leave that bag in our bus.

Equipment we give you

  • neoprene suit

We have special 5mm thick neoprene suits designed especially for canyoning. They will protect you from cold water and prevent bruisers.

  • helmet

Helmets are funny. On other people. Not so funny when you have to wear one. But actually, once you get past the awkward side of the thing… it’s still indeed completely horrible, yes. Anyway it’s the best way to save your brains so just face it.

  • harness

Some of the waterfalls are too high to slide. The guide will use a rope to lead you down. For that reason you will get harness. At this point we need to be honest. If you have more than 110 kg the harness might not be big enough for you. We sometimes do harness check already in the office to avoid unpleasant situations in the middle of the canyon. If harness doesn’t fit I’m sorry but you cannot go.

  • neoprene shoes

Neoprene shoes will prevent your feet from cold and that nasty little pain you feel when you are walking barefoot on sharp pebbles. In fact, neoprene shoes are your canyoning best friend. So when your guide will hand you over the shoes at our sports center take time and try them on. If they are not comfortable ask for bigger / smaller number.

  • neoprene jacket

For canyoning we also use 5mm thick neoprene jackets. They are terribly uncomfortable when dry. They are like skinny jeans for the torso. But no worries. It gets better when the jacket is wet. Until then just pretend it’s a normal jacket and your muscles are huge.

You can also bring

  • vision glasses

Glasses can be a bit problematic so if you have contact lenses we recommend those. But, if contacts are not an option and you really need glasses to see at least something then you can of course take them. Use a stripe. Your guide will show you how to hold your glasses to make sure your don’t break or lose them.

  • contact lenses

You can wear contact lenses and shouldn’t have any problems. Perhaps it might be a good idea you bring an extra pair just in case.

  • medicine

If you need to bring some medicine with you please let us know in the office before the tour. The guide will have his bag in the canyon with first aid kit and there’s enough space to put your medicine in.

  • sports camera

We take photos and videos of all canyoning tours and you will get those for free. But if you have your own sports camera you can bring it with you. Just make sure it’s waterproof and it has a helmet mount. You can’t use selfie stick because you need your hands for climbing down the rocks. You can’t use hand or body straps because you might hurt yourself or someone else.

You don’t need

  • sunglasses

There’s not much sun in the canyon anyway. You can leave them at our office. We have a locker and you can store it there together with your wallets, documents and car keys.

  • mobile phone

We all love those lovely little devices. But they don’t really like water and don’t know how to swim. So again, better to leave it in the office and let the world know about your achievements a bit later.

  • food

Have a good breakfast or lunch an hour before you go canyoning. Aaaaaa, time for a good old Jerry Seinfeld joke

Kramer: You know you’re not supposed to brush your teeth for 24 hours before you go to the dentist.
Jerry: I think you’re thinking of ‘You’re not supposed to eat 24 hours before surgery’.
Kramer: Oh, you gotta eat before surgery. You need your strength.

Same here, you gotta eat before canyoning. You need your strength. But you can not eat during the surgery or canyoning.

  • drinks

Apart from the bottle of water don’t bring any other drinks with you. The only bag on the canyoning tour is guide’s bag. He has ropes, first aid kit and his water in that bag. So there’s no place for a bottle of wine or a six pack in there.

If the weather is bad

It’s always a good idea to wear long sleeve synthetic shirt under your neoprene suit if it’s cold and rainy. It will help keeping you warm. But it has to be synthetic. Cotton on the contrary is gonna make you feel even more cold.

Only 5 things

So, let’s sum it all up before you hit that sweet “book now” button. There are only 5 things you really need for canyoning

  • swimsuit / bikini
  • towel
  • extra underwear
  • water
  • ponytail elastics if you have long hair

If perhaps we forgot to list something you might need or wish to bring anyway, just mention it in the “special notes” section of the booking form and we’ll let you know if it’s possible.

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