Can I bring my dog on a rafting tour?

  • Can my dog go on a rafting tour with me?
  • Can dogs join any of the sports activities you organize?
  • Is it possible to get a dog sitter?
  • Can my dog wait at your office?
  • What if I leave my dog in my car? Is there any shade at your parking?

Most of the dogs love to play around by the rivers. But, how safe it is for the dog to spend more than 1 hour in a floating vessel in a new environment with strangers?

Well to be honest – not really.

5 reasons why dogs cannot go on a rafting tour

  1. Fast rapids – Many dogs are not good swimmers. Even those that are can get tired in a long swim, get injured and be overwhelmed by current or rapids.
  2. Equipment issues – We don’t have life jackets for dogs. And for safety reasons leashes can’t be used on the river. If a boat flips the leash might get wrapped in tree branches.
  3. Other guests – Nothing is more annoying than a dog constantly jumping out of the raft into the water or barking at other guests. Some people might be afraid of dogs or just don’t like them. Not to mention the smell of wet dog in a van.
  4. Guides – All our guides are professional licensed white water rescuers. But, they have zero training or experience with animals.
  5. Insurance policy – The rules and regulations are crystal clear. When organizing rafting tour we must avoid any unnecessary risk. And a dog jumping around could cause the vessel to tip over.

Can dogs join any of the sports activities you organize?

Unfortunately not. Rafting, canoeing, canyoning or kayaking are not pet friendly activities. Neither are zipline or paragliding.

However, Bovec lies on the edge of Triglav National Park which offers lots of lovely walks in the valley and many exciting hikes in the mountains. For some ideas check our blogs on interesting places to see in Bovec and the upper Soča valley.

Is it possible to get a dog sitter?

We understand that you don’t want to leave your best friend behind. But, if you still wish to experience the rapids of the Soča river it’s the only way.

If your dog is well behaved around all people and all other dogs we can get you a dog sitter. Please contact us as soon as you set the date of your tour to check the availability and prices. There are not many dog walkers in Bovec so it’s sometimes hard to get one.

Can my dog wait at your office?

We are a bunch of dog lovers here at Bovec Rafting Team. Actually our sports center is a home of 2 dogs and 3 cats. In the past years we had many dogs waiting for their owners at our office. Some of them were happy with us and we shared a good laugh.

But, most of the dogs didn’t like it here. Our office is a busy place. Every day we have many guests coming to do different activities. Unknown place, unknown people, unknown smells and unknown noises sometimes created a stressful situation that turned into 3 hours of nightmare.

Besides we had a terrible experience when one of our guests had an allergic reaction to dog hair. After that event, not even our dogs are allowed in office anymore. So, we are very sorry, but your dog can’t stay at our office.

What if I leave my dog in my car?

Is there any shade at your parking?

Dear dog owners please don’t do that. NEVER leave a dog alone in the car, even with the windows cracked. There have been many cases of car-related heat strokes which ended tragically. Therefore, Slovenia is one of the countries where leaving your pet in a car is illegal. Law enforcement officers and other people are protected if they break into your car to rescue your dog.

If leaving your dog at home while going on vacation is not an option for you, consider hiring a dog sitter. If you tell us soon enough we might be able to help you with that. Or ask the owner of your vacation apartment or a receptionist at the hotel if your dog can wait for you there.

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