Is Rafting Too Rough for Me?

  • Just how demanding is rafting?
  • Is there a guide in the boat?
  • Do I have to paddle?
  • What if I decide in the middle of the tour that I don’t want to do it anymore?
  • When is rafting the easiest?
  • Am I too old for rafting?

Like many people, you probably want an exciting vacation with lots of enjoyable experiences. Rafting seems fun, right? Beautiful scenery, crystal clear water and people always look like they’re having the time of their life. What on earth could be stopping you from joining in?

You still have some worries about the rapids and maybe you’re not the most sporty person ever or you’re a complete beginner and you’re worried it might be too much for you? Yes, white water rafting is an adventurous activity, but let me reassure you – you CAN do it.

Is rafting very demanding?

It’s not. Out of all the water based activities, rafting is the least demanding and the most suitable and safe for everyone – from 6-year-old children to respectable seniors. Our guests have varying degrees of experience and fitness. The one thing they all have in common is that they all leave our agency happy and satisfied with their experience. If you’re averagely fit and don’t have any major back or shoulder injuries then you should be fine.

Will there be a guide in the boat?

Yes. They’ll be with you from the beginning of your trip to the very end. You’ll meet them at our sports center in Bovec after you check-in for your activity. They’ll hand you your equipment and explain absolutely everything that you need to know. They’ll be available to answer any question or request you might have.

group of friends having fun on rafting tour

Do I have to paddle?

Well, rafting is a sport. You will definitely have to paddle. Think of it as a driving metaphor. When you’re in the boat, you’re the engine and your guide is the driver. Don’t be too concerned though, you won’t be the only one in the boat and the flow of the Soča river will help you a lot. You definitely don’t have to be ripped to be able to participate 🙂

You’ll know exactly what to do because our guides will thoroughly explain everything to you before going on the river. Don’t be worried you might get too tired during the trip, you’ll have the option to pause for a few minutes and have some fun swimming about in the river.

What if I decide in the middle of the tour that I don’t want to do it anymore?

That’s fine, too. If you realize during the trip that rafting is not for you or if you flat out just want to stop for any reason then you have that option. You tell the guide and they’ll make sure you can safely leave the tour at the earlier exit point.

When is rafting the easiest?

Rafting is the easiest when the water level is low. That happens during our high season, in July and August. That’s when the rapids are less intense and the current is slower.

Am I too old for rafting?

No. We don’t have an upper age limit. If you feel good and you’re reasonably fit then you’re good to go. Who said only kids can have fun on their vacation?

Rafting is perfect outdoor activity for everyone. The Soča river is not too rough and you will be in safe hands of our well trained guides. So, book your rafting tour with us and use the “Special requests and notes” section of the booking form in case you still have some questions or concerns.

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