Is rafting exciting for teenagers?

  • Will my teenager have fun?
  • How fast will we get the photos from the tour?
  • Can my underage child go on sports activities without me?
  • What if my teenager doesn’t want to join us at all?
  • What other activities might be great for teenagers?

Anyone who has ever traveled with a 16 year old knows that a teen can make or break a vacation for the entire family.

Your youngster might be very excited when it comes to bonding with a skatebording super master neighbour, this very cool guy who runs a downtown tattoo saloon or Save Pacific Ocean Unicorn Fish activitst who lives in a hippie van. But bonding with his mom and dad while playing card games somewhere in the mountains of Slovenia… well not his cup of tea.

So, how can a teenager survive a family holiday leaving all his Livin La Vida Loca friends at home?

  1. Stay positive – start practicing zen meditation today or take antistress pills if necesary
  2. Make sure there’s planty of fun activities with lots of crazy selfie opportunities
  3. Book only places with good Wi-Fi

Is rafting exciting enough for my teenager?

Spending a week together with a walking hormone turbolence can get preety tense. Especially if there’s also younger brothers and sisters around. When you tell him you booked rafting for the whole family the older kid might revolt that “this is soooo not cool”, and that he’s not going. “Coz that’s for babies”.

Yes, it’s time for mom to take another antistress pill. In the meantime dad can pretend that his brain center for hearing is temporarily unavailable.

But we can assure you that rafting is one of those activities that meets different expectations and wishes. It is exciting but not crazy adrenaline heart attack event. You do get to exercise a bit but you won’t drop exausted at the end of the day. So, it’s safe to say that yes – rafting is exciting enough for teenagers. Besides our guides are a cool bunch of colorful characters. Not living in hippie vans but with interesting life styles and tattoos.

However if your teenager is very into sports and loves crazy jumps book canyoning.

How fast will we get the photos from the tour?

Your teenager will not be able to take his beloved electronic devices on the Soča river. There’s nowhere to put them because life jackets don’t have pockets. Besides, there’s no WiFi on the river. So, this might bring some extra stress to his virtual social media life.

No worries though – we’ve got you covered. We understand that posting fresh photo and video material on Instagram is indeed a matter of the utmost importance. Our guides have GoPro cameras on their helmets and they will take photos and short video clips of your advenure. When you come back to Bovec Rafting Team sports center photos will be uploaded to Google Photos cloud and we will send you link to your email.

Usually all the photos are delivered on the same day by 8 o’clock in the evening when we close the office. However please understand that we live in the mountains and with the summer storms we sometimes suffer from electricity or internet collapse. Anyway, all the photos are always delivered within 24 hours.

Can my underage teen go on sports activities without me?

Maybe your teenager wants to join us for rafting and canyoning and is really looking forward to it. But you’re not so sure yourself.

Underage children (under 18 years in Slovenia) should be accompanied by an adult. However, for children older than 15 years you can sign an agreement at our office before the trip. But please contact us by email before you come.

What if my teenager doesn’t want to join us at all?

Perhaps your child is old enough, but experiencing an identity crisis and a priori does not participate in anything that smells of parents.

Well, just leave him at our sports center. There’s lots of dirty smelly neoprenes that need to be washed and voulenteers are very welcome. Hahaha…joke. No, no seriously – the entire area of our sports center is covered by wireless internet access. No extra charge. That should keep him bussy for the next 3 hours.

What other activities might be great for teenagers?

Teenagers love canyoning and zipline. Canyoning is walking down the stream, jumping and sliding down the waterfalls. Zipline is heights and speeds at its best. Lots of adrenailne rush and lots of fun! Check out our activity packages for different combinations.

For rainy days you might as well consider getting locked up in the Escape room Bovec 🚔

All in all, rafting is a perfect outdoor activity for your teenager. The Soča river is not too demanding and they will be in safe hands of our well trained guides, but it’s still exciting enough for them to have fun. So, book your family rafting tour with us and use the “Special requests and notes” section of the booking form in case you still have some questions or concerns. We’ll be happy to answer.

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