Bovec Rafting Team Blog

Welcome to our blog. It has three different missions:

  • here you will find the answers to the questions you might have before booking rafting, canyoning, canoeing, kayaking or other activities we offer
  • it’s also a place where our very special offers are published
  • besides it’s a home to legends and stories of the top places in the Soča Valley and Triglav National Park that you should visit

Can I Take My Camera with Me on Rafting?

PHOTOS FROM YOUR VACATIONS Digital photography has lifted our vacationing to a completely new dimension. In the pas...

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Women’s Day Special

First, Happy International Women’s day, ladies. 8th March is a special day for women. It’s a day when w...

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Vršič, Statue of Zlatorog

The land of the Trenta valley and the surrounding mountains are called Zlatorog’s kingdom. It was once a flou...

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Lepena, the Water Hurst of Šunik

The Water Hurst of Šunik is one of the pearls of Triglav National Park. You will be charmed by small waterfalls an...

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Bovec, Kluže Fortress

One of the most interesting sites in our valley is Fortress Kluže. Old stronghold, placed between steep slopes of...

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Isonzo Front Military Cemeteries in the Soča Valley

For 29 long months of the Isonzo front soldiers were hiding in wet pits, trenches and dark caverns, silently listen...

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Trenta, Monument to Julius Kugy

Where Vršič Pass road descends almost to the village of Trenta, there’s a bronze monument standing at the 4...

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Bovec, Isonzo Front Outdoor Museum Ravelnik

The outdoor Museum Ravelnik is a circular forest trail that tells a story about Isonzo front. It’s located on...

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