Protection of personal data

The BOVEC RAFTING TEAM d.o.o. company is the personal data controller for the webpage.

BOVEC RAFTING TEAM d.o.o. commits to protect all communicated personal data in accordance with the Slovenian Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1). All communicated data will be treated in strict confidence and for the purposes for which they were supplied.

BOVEC RAFTING TEAM d.o.o. processes and stores an individual’s personal data for the purposes for which they were supplied by the individual, i.e. communication and reservation.

When managing indirectly or directly communicated personal data, BOVEC RAFTING TEAM d.o.o. is bound by the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) which stipulates the rights, obligations, principles and measures for the prevention of unconstitutional, illegal or unjustified interference with the privacy and dignity of individuals in the processing of personal data. The basis for the collection of personal data is the web form which the client completes by entering the data necessary for communication or reservation.

BOVEC RAFTING TEAM d.o.o. undertakes not to communicate personal data to any third parties or to transmit them outside the EU or the European Economic Area or to any international organisation operating in those regions, except where that is compliant with the applicable legislation. During the period in which personal data are being managed, an individual has the right to access to as well as the transcription, copying, supplementation, correction, blocking or deletion of his or her personal data in the company’s database, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

BOVEC RAFTING TEAM d.o.o. undertakes to protect the supplied personal data and prevent their misuse. Personal data will be used solely for the purposes for which an individual gave his or her agreement. BOVEC RAFTING TEAM d.o.o. commits to store the supplied data only for such time as may be required to achieve the purposes for which they were supplied.

Upon the expiry of the need to keep personal data or upon an individual’s written notification at the e-mail address, the data will be deleted or the relevant data carriers will be destroyed.

Users may at any time require an alteration or deletion of their personal data at the e-mail address The data will be deleted within the shortest possible time.

Data misuse

BOVEC RAFTING TEAM d.o.o. undertakes to protect your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Should any data misuse occur, BOVEC RAFTING TEAM d.o.o. will inform you at your e-mail address within the shortest possible time and not later than within 72 hours of establishing a misuse.


This webpage is constructed and managed with the greatest possible diligence. Nonetheless, cannot guarantee that all information on the webpage is up-to-date, accurate and correct. Any information may change without prior notice.


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