Bovec Rafting Team

Bovec Rafting Team is here to add adventure into your holidays.

We are Slovenian outdoor sports agency with a lot of experience in whitewater activities. We believe that adventure sports are not only for adrenalin junkies. You can do it too, just let us take care of your safety and equipment.

Over the past twenty years, we’ve learned to appreciate your vacation. We understand that those days are a rare gem that needs special attention. We’re here to make sure all your questions are answered, all your wishes are heard and your experience is unique and safe.
And we’re also here to have fun…

Why us?

beginner friendly

For all our activities you don’t really need any experience. As long as you are healthy and fit you can book any of the tours.

children welcome

Children are very welcome. But if your child is too small to join you on the tour we’ll do our best to find a babysitter.

easy booking

We claim no prepayment for online reservations. You can change or cancel your reservation anytime at no cost.

reliable team

All our team members are friendly and professional. They don’t only meet our standars – they meet your standards.

Our offer

rafting on the second dynamic part of the soča river

Soča River


Enjoy a magical day on the Soča river with your family and friends.
waterfall slide on canyoning in sušec

Sušec Canyon


Slide down the waterfalls and swim in a big natural playground.
canyoning fratarca repelling

Fratarica Canyon


Prove yourself and feel the buzz with adrenalin fuelled experience.
two kayakers playing on the rapids of the soča river

Soča River


Learn how to kayak before your friends do and become an insider.
canoeing on a sunny summer day in bovec

Soča River


Spice up your vacation with excitement of testing your paddling skills.
wet exit practice with kayak on the soča river



Avoid other groups by booking individually tailored kayak or rafting tours.
zip line with julian alps at the back; photo by:



Step out of your comfort zone to taste the mix of heights and speed.
shell fossils in srnica cave slovenia

Srnica Cave


Explore the dark side of the Soča valley. It’s dirty, it’s dark, it’s thrilling, it’s fun.
paragliding start on mt mangart; photo by: Tatjana Wojčicki

Soča Valley

tandem paragliding

Catch your piece of sky and admire the world from a new perspective.
jumping from the plane above bovec; photo by:


tandem skydiving

Release yourself from gravity and make your greatest dream come true.
triglav national park panoramic flights; photo by:

Julian Alps

panoramic flights

Discover a vast land of natural miracles and endless mountain peaks.
jump in the soča river to get some refreshment on hot summer day


packages promotions

Instantly save money with magnificent package deals and specials.

How it goes?

And find perfect activities for you. You can choose between water, land and air sports. You can send us a list of activities you`d like to do and we’ll prepare a program for you, just don’t plan more than 2 activities in one day.


Booking a tour is always a good idea. You don’t want to spoil your day with complications like “sorry, but we’re completely full today”. Besides it’s good that we organize our team, polish the boats, make sure our guides are shaved and gear room smells of fresh roses.

You can book your trip by:
– filling out a reservation form
– sending us e-mail on
– calling us on +386 41 338 308
– sending SMS on +386 41 338 308


Towels, swimsuits (best if you wear them under your clothes) and extra pair of underwear because your swimsuits will be wet.
For canyoning also bring a small bottle of water. You don’t need it for other water activities because Soča River is clean enough to drink.

Our sports center is located in Bovec. We have a big private parking lot where you can park your car. There are also toilets, showers, lockers and changing cabins here. Not to mention the chill-out area with free WiFi.


First we will need you to sign a declaration of awareness. Then we will kindly ask you to pay 🙂 You can pay in Euro or by credit card. VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express are all accepted.


He will explain the details about the trip and hand you all the equipment you need. Then you will sit in our vans and we’ll start this adventure.

You will change to neoprene suits. Don’t worry about the silly outfit. We all look the same on the river. You will leave your clothes and towels in the van. Just before you start with crazy paddling the guide will also explain the basic of whitewater safety and show you what the paddle is for.


The first part of the tour is more calm and slow. You will have the chance to practice paddling. On the middle the guides will stop the boats for you to jump off the rocks and swim a little. The second part of the river is then more dynamic. The rapids get up to the difficulty level III.


Help your guide carry the raft back to the parking lot. No excuse here!
The vans will already be there with your dry clothes. When you’re ready we’ll drive you back to our sports center.

Your guide will take his GoPro camera on the river. After the trip we will send you all the photos and videos from the trip for free. So, stop at our office and leave your e-mail. We will send you a link as soon as photos and videos are uploaded to a cloud gallery.


You wouldn’t believe all the treasures we find around here in the evening. But if you do forget something just send us an e-mail. We’ll be happy to send it back to you.


Facebook, TripAdvisor and Google+ reviews are much appreciated. Thank you!

Our guests tell it best

  • rewiew us on trip advisor banner
    rafting peebles

    Marco R, Italy

    top escursion! nice nature, great team! everything was really wonderful! i'll plan as soon as possible another trip! 🙂

  • rewiew us on trip advisor banner
    canyoning peebles

    B B, Slovenia

    We've been in Bovec for many times but there 's no more fun than with Bovec rafting team. Their guides are the best ... very energetic. So i guarantee a lot of fun and adrenalin 🙂

  • rewiew us on trip advisor banner
    kayak peebles

    Mike_Turner1, United Kingdom

    Adis and his team are passionate, professional and very funny. They all give a fantastic service and definitely made my trip to Slovenia one I'll remember for the rest of my days.

  • like us on facebook banner
    canoeing peebles

    Gal, Thailand

    Extremly fun place to do extreme activities. Very professional instructors that know some words in all languages you can think of. Good equipment and amazing river. Will recomand to everyone!

  • like us on facebook banner
    hydrspeed peebles

    Stefanie, Austria

    1. Awesome trips
    2. Really nice team
    3. Quick replies to all our e-mails
    4. We felt really comfortable and welcome!
    5. ...........
    We can really recommend Bovec Rafting Team and will definately come back 🙂

  • like us on facebook banner
    rafting peebles

    Noam, Israel

    Amazing expirience , superb team!!! owners are extreemly welcoming and friendly. best rafting EVER !!!

  • rewiew us on google plus banner
    canyoning peebles

    Kevin, USA

    Just super! Thanks to Adis for putting together a late afternoon float on short notice. Thanks to Matej for the great guide experience and to Jakob for making the old van feel stable on Slovenian roads, not to mention my first shot of Jaeger since college. Also wanted to thank Katia (sp?) for the cool book shelf idea. If you have a chance to visit the Soca Valley in Slovenia, do it and plan for at least a week. We hope to be back someday and best of luck to you all!

  • rewiew us on google plus banner
    kayak peebles

    Katjuša, Slovenia

    Every year we get best service ever. Soča river valley is the most beautiful place on earth. Rafting, canyoning and cayaking is awesome when is done with Bovec Rafting team. As locals they give you best advices which places to visit. We love you! Just keep on going.