What if I come with my camper?
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What if I come with my camper?

What if I come with my camper?

Answers to all your questions:

Is your parking big enough for my camper?

Can I come without a reservation?

Will I need my camper to get to the Soča river?

Can I stay overnight?

Can I stay longer then one night?

What do I get if I park overnight?

Cruising on the Alpine roads in a campervan has become a dream of many people these days. Having the freedom of finding another magical place every day, knowing you can sleep wherever your heart desires, really does sound great.

But like everything in our lives, even traveling in a camper comes with some problems. Bovec is a well known center for outdoor activities, specially white water activities, and like many similar places in Europe it gets overcrowded in the summertime.

If you are traveling to Soča valley in your motorhome, be aware that roads are curvy and narrow. Plus there is traffic – quite a lot of traffic actually. Cars, buses, motorbikes, bicycles, hikers and of course your fellow campervan travelers. But somehow you managed to reach Bovec. Congratulations, you just passed one of the most difficult driving challenges of your life 😀

It’s finally time to do one of the most popular activities in the valley – rafting, canyoning, kayaking or zipline. Now you face another problem or two. Where can you park your big comfortable campervan while you are on the river? What if you fall in love with this place and want to stay one more night? All the campsites are full. Where are you going to stay? Before your dreams turn into a nightmare, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Yes it is. Well, unless your mobile home comes in the size of a Star Wars spaceship. In that case, only the Force can help you 👽. In the summer it is difficult to find a parking space in the center of Bovec. It can be especially challenging if you come with a vehicle bigger than a bike. Parking spots are too narrow and too short, plus you will have to pay to stay there. We offer free parking for our guests with enough space to leave your camper at our secure parking area, while you are enjoying yourself on one of our activity.

we are never going to find parking in bovec


Guests are always welcome, but spaces are limited. Making a reservation guarantees you a parking spot and a place on the activity. If you are coming in July or August, making a reservation in advance is necessary. We get very busy and might not have a vacancy to take you on a tour. Give us a call before you come or send us an email while on your way here to check the availability.


Absolutely not. Transport to the starting point and back is provided by us and is already included in the price. Since the starting point is not the same as the ending one, it makes no sense that you go to the Soča river with your own vehicle. You would need a transport back anyway. Not to mention it is not very environmentally friendly. While you are rafting/canyoning/kayaking or on zipline, your campervan stays at our car park, getting its well earned rest.


Fine, we can let you stay for one night and one night only. But only if you do activity with us. And buy us a beer. No, we are only joking. Or are we?! 🍺

We offer special packages for the guests who book at least one activity with us and wish to stay one night at our parking lot. Please follow our rules for overnight stay and make this a pleasant experience for everyone.

rafting tour


Sorry, but we are not a camping place, so you can’t stay longer than 24 hours. If you decide to do more activities with us and wish to stay longer, check one of the nearby camping places.


Well, we are not a campsite so don’t expect much. We offer a safe place to park and spend the night without a fear to get a ticket for wild camping. You can also use our toilets and free Wi-Fi. Please don’t try to wash your dishes in the sinks in the toilets. They were not meant to swallow food leftovers and can clog up quite easily.

In conclusion, embarking on a campervan adventure in the Slovenian Alps and experiencing the thrill of rafting in the Soča Valley is an unforgettable combination. By parking your campervan at our designated area, you can rest assured knowing it’s safe while you immerse yourself in the excitement of rafting. Remember to make a reservation in advance, especially during the busy summer months, to secure your spot. So, grab your swimsuit, hop on board, and let us take care of the rest. Get ready for an incredible journey filled with adventure, breathtaking scenery, and memories that will last a lifetime. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Soča Valley, where campervan travel and white water rafting merge into an extraordinary experience.