What if the weather is bad?
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What if the weather is bad?

What if the weather is bad?

Answers to all your questions:

Do you organize activities in the rain?

Is it more dangerous?

Should I wear anything special?


Yes. As proud descendants of hardcore brave mountain tribes we never cancel water activities because of the rain. We actually like rain. No rain, no river, no rafting, no fun – as simple as that. Rain is also great because it saves us a trip to the car wash, it really annoys wasps and it creates rainbows!

However, we understand that you might not like rain all that much. Especially when it’s turning your vacation into 60 shades of grey.

Yeah, it’s bad. But, on the other hand we’re not gonna let some water ruin our fiesta, are we? Besides, going on an outdoor activity in rain sounds incredibly heroic.

So, let’s check a few scenarios on what happens with the Bovec Rafting Team sports activities if the weather is lousy.


Rafting in rain is fun. It’s one of the best things you can do in Bovec on a rainy day. You are wet anyway, the Soča river is less crowded with boats and there’s not much else to do in the Soča valley in bad weather.

We only cancel rafting trips in case of very high water level. If the river is too wild and too fast we stay on shore for safety reasons. But, it happens rarely. Sometimes after a few days of heavy rain. So, if meteorological experts predicted the epic flood that’s gonna end the world exactly on the day of your stay in Bovec, there are good chances that your tour will be canceled.

More often it happens that we need to reschedule rafting for an hour or so due to the thunderstorms. Summer afternoons in the Julian Alps sometimes turn into heavy metal concerts with all the impressive light and sound effects. Then, the trips are moved to a later hour or next morning, depends on the size of the storm system.

what if the weather is bad for rafting tour


When it comes to canyoning in the Sušec canyon we also organize it in rain. As long as the water level is not too high.

Since Sušec canyon is more in the shade than the Soča river the temperatures are usually lower. So if you are coming on a cold rainy day it might be smart if you also bring long sleeve shirt with you. Just make sure it’s made of synthetic fibers, not cotton. Cotton is cold when wet.

In case of thunderstorms we also reschedule canyoning for an hour or to the next day.

what if the weather is bad for canyoning tour


Canyoning Fratarca is only organized in the early morning hours to avoid any chance of afternoon storms. Canyoning in Fratarca is not canceled if it rains. But, if it’s been raining for some time and the water level is high we might recommend that you to choose some other activity for several reasons, including cold.

Cold is the main reason why we only organize Fratarca canyoning in the warm summer months. You stay in the canyon for almost 3 hours and if the temperatures are not human friendly you will soon suffer from hypothermia that not even a homemade schnapps can cure.

what if the weather is bad for canyoning fratarca tour


Kayaking in rain is a very cool experience. In rain you will see the mists rising from the river. The whole valley turns into mysterious land of half forgotten legends and myths. Then, you can pretend that you are a badass hero leading your boat down the river of lava. You have a mission to find a holly paddle on a remote island to save the world. The day after tomorrow of the whole Universe depends on your outstanding paddling skills.

Or you can have a romantic outburst and ask your girlfriend to marry you.

Again, it’s not rain that worries us when it comes to kayaking, it’s the water level. We have different sections of the river and we can tailor kayak tours to different circumstances. But, sometimes the Soča river is just too high. You have two options then – you can wait for a day or two or you can pick some other activity.

what if the weather is bad for kayak tour


Light to medium intense rain is also not gonna affect your zipline adventure.

However, in thunderstorms zipline is canceled. Hanging on a steel wire when the lightnings cut crazy zig-zags into the black sky, well… You don’t want to try that.

Zipline might also be canceled if the strong mountain winds are roaring down the Soča valley. So, if you step on the street and the wind rocks you back on your heels – zipline is off.

what if the weather is bad for zipline tour


Now let’s make this long story short. First, check the ilmeteo Bovec weather forecast. It’s in Italian, but don’t worry, these guys usually know what they’re doing.

If the weather report for the future days is pioggia debole or pioggia with two drops and we hadn’t had any floods in the past week, don’t worry. You can book now and we’ll let you know if some tornado lost its way in the Triglav National Park.

But, if the weather is so-so and you’re not really sure what to do, book now anyway and write down all your worries in the “Special requests and notes” section of the booking form. You will receive our answer with all the information on atmospheric conditions.

Anyway, we kindly ask you to give us your mobile phone number that is active in Slovenia. Just in case if we need to contact you that the trip is postponed or canceled.

So book your rainy rafting / canyoning / kayaking / zipline vacation with us and then sit down and relax in your armchair


Just in case if all the outdoor activities are canceled there’s still a few things you can do in the area.

  • Escape room prison break – Is it challenging? Sure! Ask for the hints in Slovene
  • Kluže Fortress Museum – a nice museum on the history of the Soča valley
  • Tour de bar – there are at least 15 bars and restaurants in Bovec to keep you dry in warm.