Legend of the Soča River
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Legend of the Soča River

Legend of the Soča River

When you come to our valley there’s one thing you cannot miss. The beauty of the Soča River. Its crystal clear emerald waters are one of the main reasons for visiting our land, though it’s too cold to swim in it all day.

Yet, our emerald beauty princess is not just cold. This quite vivacious nature was already put in her cradle. Her story begins in ancient mythological times, when the gods were still living in the idyllic Trenta valley…


One day out of nowhere a giant named Vodobruhec (his name literally means “to vomit water”) finds his way to those hidden places. As you can imagine he is anything but a cute creature. He keeps spitting water in all directions and nothing stops him.

People are scared their houses are getting flooded. Soon it becomes clear that the giant is not in a hurry and that his annoying behaviour is not gonna stop any time soon.

When the poor people of the Trenta Valley had enough of this madness, they decided to complain to God Jalovec. God Jalovec of course loves his people and he is upset looking at their frightened faces. Moreover, the heroic deeds have always been in the domain of the gods. Therefore, he decides to teach the giant kid a lesson.

And, now the drama begins… They face each other, but before Jalovec can even take a deep breath, Vodobruhec floods him with water. The jet is so strong that Jalovec, even with all his superpowers, cannot make one step forward!

Outraged to the utmost of his pride and wet to the skin, Jalovec decides for back up. We need more god power in this situation. So he consults with his supernatural friends God Triglav and God Mangart. Difficult situations require serious actions. They find Vodobruhec and an intense struggle begins… they fight and yell and break everything around…



In the grand finale our trio win over the giant and tie him up strongly. They lock him up in a cave on the mountain nearby. To make something good of this (and to make sure kid gets a lesson) they open his mouth. “The water that flows out of his mouth will soak the fields in the valley – so he will restore the damage he has done.” Then Triglav says: “when you serve your sentence, we will let you go.” On that day the Soča river will dry up.

Gods Jalovec, Triglav and Mangart are probably overwhelmed with the abundance of their divine obligations. They must have forgotten all about Vodobruhec. He still vomits water from the cave that we now call the Spring of the Soča river. Soča soaks our valley, and in the meantime carries our rafts, kayaks and the rest of the fleet. Come to see our emerald beauty this year. From our boats you can admire the high peaks of Jalovec, Triglav and Mangart, the mountains that got their names after the brave gods.